CB Design - Pretty Things!

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After working on the Particle project, those damn abstract waves have just been placed everywhere. I put them in my header, various icons across the internet... Well now I have also put them on clothing! And other products of course, if you don't like clothes or if perhaps you don't wear any, I'm not here to judge.

The waves! They're everywhere!
I have put several of the designs used or created in projects I have made or been involved with on some physical products that you can now see here:

All of the designs have come from projects I have worked on; mostly particles because they are colourful and pretty. There are also t-shirts available from Shapeway, which I am very happy to be able to offer.

I haven't added any logo-based swag yet, maybe for the future...

Callum Bigden


Callum Bigden is a freelance Sound Designer and Composer living in London. If you want to get in touch you can contact him through the social networks below, he would appreciate it.